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We are delighted to be back with an in person event for Heritage Week 2022. The theme this year is Sustainability and we reached out to some of the leading designers that have incorporated sustainability into their daily practice. Sustainable design is the approach to creating products and services that have considered the environmental, social, and economic impacts from the initial phase through to the end of life. We have an incredible event lined up to celebrate the creation of a more resilient world and learn how we can conserve our heritage for a more sustainable future. Our panel will explain why sustainable design is important and share examples of how we can implement sustainable design on different levels.

On August 18, we will be hosting an in person event at The Tara Building. This will be a panel discussion that explores diverse aspects of sustainability in design – from digital, branding, to food. We have invited panellists to consider different aspects of sustainability that have shaped their own practice and to share their experiences with our audience. Through this we can reflect on not only incorporating sustainability into our daily practice but how we can preserve our culture and heritage well into the future.

Over the past 25 years the Heritage Council has worked to protect, promote and support access to Irish heritage in all its expressions – built, natural, cultural, intangible, archaeological and scientific. In 2022, the 100 Archive is proud to be funded by the Heritage Council. The Heritage Council supports 100 Archive to complete a work plan involving annual activity such as the publication of the 2021 100 Archive Selection, our ongoing partnership with the National Library of Ireland and the delivery of an event as part of Heritage Week in August.

Lara Hanlon is founder and director of Portion Collaborative, a design startup that is reimagining the future of food for us and the planet through creative disruption. Her curiosities lie in the intersection of design, business, sustainability, and humanities. Lara is also a member of the 100 Archive Steering Committee

Kevin Horan is a UX researcher and designer at Wove. He is interested in sustainable, ethical design and humane technology.

Ruža Leko is co-founder and creative director of Studio Suss. She has extensive design experience in the science, art and education sectors. Prior to Studio Suss, Ruža worked as a lead designer at Science Gallery Dublin, designing over 20 exhibitions, numerous events and educational programmes.

Elaine Butler worked in Interior Architecture for over 20 years before completing a Masters in Product Design for the Circular Economy in 2021. She now specialises in Design for the Circular Economy and offers design consultancy to manufacturing and construction companies wanting to leverage the circular economy for optimum sustainability & profit.

100 Archive x Heritage Week 2022 – Sustainability by Design
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Organiser 100 Archive x Heritage Week 2022

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The Tara Building More Info

Address: 11-15 Tara Street
Dublin 2
D02 RY83
Public Transport Luas: Westmoreland
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