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This year's festival promises to engage audiences with an exciting addition: Architecture on Film. As a new and captivating section of the programme, Architecture on Film invites viewers on a cinematic exploration of our landscapes and structures. The curated feature film selection will showcase diverse architectural marvels, including church buildings, concrete galleries, and museums. In addition, the programme unveils the fascinating story of the late architectural icon, Balkrishna Doshi. The three feature films are: 7 Chapels, Concrete Landscape, and The Promise. Architect BV Doshi.

7 Chapels is a non-narrative documentary by architecture & portrait photographers, Jens Weber & Orla Connolly. This documentary is a meticulous visual study of seven chapels in the Swabian Danube Valley, built by seven architects: John Pawson, Hans Engel, Wilhelm Huber, Frank Lattke, Alen Jasarevic, Staab Architecs & Christoph Mäckler. The film’s distinct aesthetic, with long takes, combined with music, draws the viewer in, evoking a near trance like state. Experience the Irish Premiere of 7 Chapels, followed by a post-show discussion, on Friday 14 July, at 5pm in Pálás Cinema, Galway.

In Porto Alegre, Brazil, the Iberê Camargo Foundation Museum; in the city of Porto, Portugal, the office of Álvaro Siza, architect and author of the celebrated project for the institution’s headquarters. Concrete Landscape is a documentary film that elaborates on the limits between architecture and nature, accompanied by a visual tour of celebrated works such as Piscinas das Marés, the Architecture University of Porto and the Nadir Afonso Museum, with testimonials from Portuguese collaborators and critics. This documentary sails between these two cities. The Irish Premiere of Concrete Landscape will be held on Thursday, July 13th, at 3pm in Pálás Cinema, Galway.

The Promise. Architect BV Doshi explores the life and influential work of renowned Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize for Architecture, the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The film takes us on a journey through Doshi's architectural journey, visiting iconic Indian buildings designed by Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, executed by Doshi in his early career. We witness Doshi's current projects in Ahmedabad and delve into the significance of his works in Bangalore, Indore, and Ahmedabad. The film captures not only the buildings but also the religious rituals, including visits to Hindu temples and Islamic mosques, that have shaped Doshi's vision of city building and architecture. Doshi's captivating storytelling, presence of mind, humour, and wisdom inspire us not only to create human-centred architecture but also to embrace our own humanity. The Promise. Architect BV Doshi will have its Irish Premiere on Friday 14 July, at 12pm in Pálás Cinema, Galway.

Architecture on Film at the Galway Film Fleadh.

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