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The continued professional development course structure will increase awareness and shine a light on opportunities and challenges facing design practices by critically evaluating the current cultural, social, economic and ecological landscapes and interrogating their existing models and approaches to design for sustainability and circular economies.

Suited to practitioners from all design disciplines, it will invite designers to identify opportunities to adapt with agility, to re-shape and remodel existing approaches within their own design practice and wider design communities and build on valuable and existing skillsets through the adoption of regenerative, circular and sustainable practices in order to address global challenges at their roots, enact meaningful change, make a real impact now and future-proof their design processes.

Guided by expert specialists, this course will equip participants with the tools to actively query existing modes of design for sustainability, deepen their understanding of Life Cycle Thinking, Circular Economy Principles and Regenerative Design Practices, gather industry insights, generate dynamic discussion with both peers and subject matter experts, co-design for best practice and propose new ways of shaping our design futures.

Certificate in Design for Sustainability and Circular Economies 2024

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Tickets / Admission Members of IDI, ICAD, 100 archive, IAPI: €939, Non-members: €1,400
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About Design Skillnet works to prepare and empower designers and design leaders to be future-ready, through subsidised training initiatives and events tailored to the unique needs of professionals in the design industry. These include training programmes and workshops, in-house bespoke solutions and annual flagship events such as Design Leaders Conference. Design is becoming more strategic, more valuable and as such, much more integrated. As such, for designers in Ireland to reach their career potential and to step up to the broader role of design in business, they will require a more diverse and sophisticated set of skills. Design Skillnet supports design professionals to bridge this gap and acquire the skills to gain competitive advantage and remain competitive in an increasingly complex and dynamic commercial landscape, that is evolving at an ever-increasing pace.
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