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Concrete has developed into one of the most important means of design in modern architecture. Capable of meeting a wide range of architectural and design applications, from providing structural function with an aesthetic finish, to decorative elements with texture and colour. No other building material can offer the versatility of concrete.

In this seminar, we will explore the different scales at which architectural design can be imagined and made in concrete. Through case studies, our expert speakers will offer expert insight into the vision and achievement of architectural concrete.

Concrete in Architecture: an exploration of scale
Image: courtesy Henry J Lyons

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Tickets / Admission €60 / €90
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Irish Concrete Society

About The Irish Concrete Society is a not for profit learned society founded in 1973 to promote excellence in the use of concrete in Ireland. It is a cross-sectorial, independent, impartial, science and engineering based organisation established to cater for the needs of all who have an interest in concrete, in its widest sense.

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