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During the one-week program, through lectures, group exercises and guided explorations of Galway, we invite participants to respond to the AATE23 thematic provocation of ‘re-mapping’. Participants are introduced to practices of investigative observation, archival research, and new ways of mapping the city - interrogating issues of land ownership, material extraction, environmental, ecological and physical qualities of the landscape but as well considering the human interactions, the convivial strategies of resistance created by citizens, and apply this knowledge to create your own short film documenting or addressing design solutions found in the built, grown and/or planned environment of Galway city.

Aided by experimental, tactical and speculative methodologies, we will explore the urban environment through multiple scales - at the scale of the body, the object, the building, the urban, and the territory.

After developing the concept for your film in the first sessions with the guidance of international guest lectures, you will explore the process of filmmaking, gaining concrete knowledge about organising, filming and editing your work, as well as creating a relevant, dramaturgically well-functioning story. Professional filmmakers and editors will instruct you and assist you in the production of a maximum 3-minute-long film.

All the films produced during the workshop will be premiered on the final weekend of the Festival.

The course is open to anyone interested in the intersection of film and architecture - students and professionals alike, with a background in a relevant field of film, visual arts, photography, architecture, design, urban planning, anthropology, ethnology, social sciences, and humanities.

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of film production.

If you have any questions, please forward them to learning@architectureattheedge.com

Film and Architecture Workshop: Re-mapping Galway

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MIck Lally Theatre More Info

Address: MIck Lally Theatre
Druid Lane
H91 N5X9
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