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It is no secret that the entire construction process and operation of buildings are responsible for 37% of all carbon emissions in Ireland. In order to reduce carbon emissions and achieve our decarbonization goals, we must “reduce, reuse and recycle”.  Yes, that includes the commercial buildings too.  We can arm you with information to do this through our monthly lunchtime free webinars throughout 2023.

The landscape of retrofitting can be confusing and full of questions like, “What are the benefits of retrofit to my business model?” or “What policy changes are coming down the line and how will they affect me?”.   ENACT can help answer these by getting hand-picked experts to give their insights.  But the important part is when the floor will open to our online attendees to ask questions about how to apply the latest knowledge to real life.

Greening Commercial Premises: Explained

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Irish Green Building Council

About The Irish Green Building Council – IGBC is a non-profit organisation launched in 2011 with the aim of accelerating the transformation of the built environment, related industry and supply chain to one that is sustainable through leadership, research, education, and providing policy input to national and local government.
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