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Irish towns are a built idea distilling the essence of how to live together around a communal space. Revitalised, they could present us with thousands of instant environments, PLACES made by a wall of buildings, a theatre of the everyday. Smaller size and scale put us directly in touch with nature, give us places for kids to play and learn, the 15 minute city translates to a town environment where there is life, fun, community and culture.

How can we move from simply thinking this is a great idea, to achieving it?

Vacancy and dereliction could be investigated for the potential they accidentally offer. If used imaginatively they could become a serious part of solving our housing problem while offering people a sustainable and interesting way of living together.

New plans for our towns need to be about small scale brilliant ideas in all kinds of places. Using what’s there, being ingenious , imagining it into something fresh for now, developing new models of habitation. In doing this we are reinforcing the unique cultural landscape in towns we have inherited, into which we should intervene with care.

Three of Ireland’s emerging practises will present their own unique approach to investing existing fabric of our towns and villages with historic and cultural value.

Moderator Valerie Mulvin (McCullough Mulvin Architects)

• Damien Curry, Canice Architects
• Helena McElmeel & Blair Stanaway, Helena McElmeel Architects
• Ronan Friel, Pasparakis Friel Architects

Location: Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane, Galway

Hold that Corner
Image: Image copyright Helena McElmeel Architects

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MIck Lally Theatre More Info

Address: MIck Lally Theatre
Druid Lane
H91 N5X9
Venue Instagram @@druidtheatre
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