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The IAF International Summer School will feature a series of live, virtual seminars and workshops exploring the relationship between architecture and media. We will explore how architecture as culture is mediated, communicated, disseminated, represented, experienced, and consumed through the diverse media of filmmaking, podcasting, and critical writing.

The Summer School seminars will welcome a wide national and international audience of general public, practitioners, and professionals, with unlimited places. 

The Summer School workshops are interactive, participatory sessions for creative practitioners, with limited places. 

Registration for the International Summer School is now open and all events are free.

IAF International Summer School: Architecture and Media

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Event Type(s) Workshops
Admission / Cost FREE
Tickets/Booking/RSVP: architecturefoundation.ie/...


Irish Architecture Foundation

About Established in 2005, the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) is an independent organisation dedicated to the promotion of architecture as culture. We encourage people to engage with their built environment, to inspire new ways of thinking about architecture. We truly believe architecture has the power to improve the way we live and how we think about our built environment. By bringing people together from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, we can create a more inclusive conversation that will inspire a better-built environment for everyone.

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