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Promoting ourselves, our work, and the work of the organisation now falls in everyone’s lap. Many practices use social media as a tool for reaching new clients, but how many are taking advantage of the detailed targeting tools available through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? This session will give a taster of the possibilities available as part of a paid social media campaign and will let participants see how targeting and evaluation can be beneficial to your business.

This seminar will cover:
- Types of ads.
- Step by step walk through of set up.
- Content sources.
- Good and bad practice.

Introduction to Social Advertising

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Tickets / Admission £17.50 - £24 + VAT
Tickets/Booking/RSVP: www.rsua.org.uk/...


The Royal Society of Ulster Architects

About The Royal Society of Ulster Architects strives to enhance Northern Ireland's built environment for the benefit of all through the promotion of architecture. We are the membership body for Architects in Northern Ireland.
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