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The rapid rise in the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is accelerating the adoption of more sophisticated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) throughout the construction industry in Ireland, from architects and project managers down to sub-contractors and trades people.

Areas such as BIM, AR/VR, IOT, Blockchain, Project Management Software, Smart Buildings & Quality Control all demand technology solutions that challenge the construction sector to adapt to a new way of thinking.

Harnessing technology brings many benefits across all sectors of the industry (architecture, engineering, construction and operations) including enhanced collaboration and communications, improved efficiency and productivity, resulting in a streamlined and speedier design and construction process. The adoption of ICT throughout the construction industry is also helping the architecture, engineering, construction and operations sectors to reduce risk while maintaining profit margins on building projects.

The Event will showcase the latest ICT tools and applications available for improving business performance on a day to day basis in areas such as estimating, scheduling, project management, document management, scale management, ERP solutions and communications.

Location: Sport Ireland, National Indoor Arena, Snugborough Road, Dublin

Modern Methods of Construction

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