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Are you in the process of bringing a vacant property back into use?

Join us on May 27th in Limerick to view a Georgian renovation project and meet other people who are also undertaking this labour of love.

This is the third of three site-visits organised by the Irish Architecture Foundation aimed at sharing knowledge among those who are bringing vacant properties back into use. Each site visit will be hosted by a property owner who is undertaking their own project and will be followed by a nearby cup of tea and chat.

We will visit a building that started its life as a residential end of terrace, dating possibly to the early 1800s. It is located near the river on slightly elevated ground and may originally have looked down on a floating dock where ships onboarded passengers to North America. The building has undergone many transformations, having served as a provisions shop for boats, a wedding dress shop, an electronics shop, a medical supply store, and a Tibetan meditation centre, among other things. It has undergone two major renovations in which the basement was rendered uninhabitable and all historical features were removed.

Irish Architecture Foundation core funders: Arts Council of Ireland; Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage; and Office of Public Works.

New Life for Old Buildings – Site Visit Series: Georgian Limerick
Image: Photo attached of Samira Kaissi.

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