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The Irish Architecture Foundation, supported by ARUP, are delighted to present a unique gathering of some of the most exciting and revered architects, artists, writers and thinkers from the island of Ireland.

The unprecedented lineup includes Array Collective, BothAndGroup, Hy-Brasil, Islander Architects, and Tom Keeley. The event is chaired by Andy Summers. It is the final edition in the IAF’s New Now Next series of conversations on architecture for 2023.

The title of this event, Idir and Thither, suggests a moment where Ireland is between states (‘Idir’) and moving to some other place (‘Thither’). Firmly rooted in the ‘now’ and the ‘next’ of architecture in Ireland and worldwide, this final talk in the 2023 New Now Next series builds on current momentum on topics of islands, borders, landscape, colonisation, resources, activism and identity as it relates to architecture, cultural practice and possible futures for Ireland. This event is the first of its kind in Ireland, an event which draws global currents and conversations (Biennale Architettura 2023) back into real and present discussions in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Hosted by Andy Summers (Scotland at Venice 2023, ArchiFringe), this event will take the form of a roundtable discussion following visual and aural prompts by each of the participants.

About New Now Next:
Now in its 11th season, New Now Next is an unmissable season of live, in-person talks, disseminating new ideas and thinking relevant now and for the future of architecture and society. Material, financial and human resources, public participation, the future of cities and issues of social inclusion and cultural identity are on the agenda of an unprecedented array of speakers for the 2023 season of New Now Next.

Curated and hosted by the Irish Architecture Foundation and supported by Arup, the 2023 season presents individual speakers, head-to-head conversations and round-table speculations, in person in Dublin.

New Now Next: Idir and Thither
Image: Ste Murray

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Event Type(s) Talks & Debates
Admission / Cost FREE
Organiser Irish Architecture Foundation

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Address: 12 Mary's Abbey
Dublin 7
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Public Transport Luas: Jervis/Four Courts

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