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For the 2021 festival, Open House Limerick’s theme of ‘Architecture is Reconnecting’ aims to inspire participants with a programme of events that will inspire, enthuse, provoke, and entertain. The concept will not only display Limerick’s architectural talent but also engage with the public to discuss how architects and communities can work together to find new ways to reconnect. This is at a time when Limerick is embracing an open-minded approach to placemaking and architecture post-pandemic.

‘Reconnecting’ is fundamental to how people experience their new environment; in recognition of the isolation shared over the past 18 months OHL 2021 will be reconnecting people to their built heritage, local contemporary architecture, and shining a spotlight on lesser known well-designed public places in their area. OHL 2021 will celebrate these creations through outdoor guided tours, public talks, short films, workshops, and engaging architects in commissioning a new pavilion as a space of reconnection. OHL 2021 is based around 3 key ideas:

- Reconnecting to Heritage: Architecture of well-known Limerick landmarks and hidden corners.

- Reconnecting to Modernism: Celebrating and reconnecting to Limerick’s Modernist legacy.

- Reconnecting to Public Life: Showcasing architecture and urbanism that can improve quality of life, address climate change, and enhance social interaction.

Open House Limerick 2021

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Open House Limerick

About ‘OpenHouse’ has a simple but powerful vision: to showcase outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely free of charge. OpenHouse initiatives invite everyone to explore and debate the value of a well-designed built environment. Each year Open House Limerick organise a programme of events to foster learning and an appreciation and understanding of the value of architectural excellence in our region through showcasing outstanding design.
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