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Trauma Informed Placemaking calls for a place-based awareness of trauma and its impact on the individual, the community and ‘sense of place’ and then on place healing, through place-based community responses and interventions. As people who work with people in place, it is up to us all to set up the conditions for, maintain, and enjoy interpersonal and place-orientated relations.

This online panel is guest curated by the Trauma Informed Placemaking project founders, Dr Anita Mckeown and Dr Cara Courage, and will feature five of its global cohort of creative and research practitioners – Aishling Rusk, Karen Till with Michal Huss, Brian Jay De Lima Ambulo, and Jeff Poulin - covering projects from Ireland to the Philippines and topics from working in post-disaster places to working with young people. This event is a chance to hear from some of the projects represented in the Trauma Informed Placemaking textbook forthcoming from Routledge, to continue to build on the community of praxis they have convened, and to provide space for deeper discussion into the role and responsibilities of placemaking as a practice which can heal as well as amplify trauma.

Reimagine Session: Trauma Informed Placemaking
Image: Image courtesy Dr Cara Courage

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