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The series is part of SPAB Ireland's 2022 Campaign - 'Sustainability of Vernacular Irish Buildings' and is supported by the Heritage Council under the Heritage Capacity Funding 2022.

This lecture will cover:
The use of natural materials
Practical information when conserving and renovating old buildings using natural materials
Intangiable heritage - valuing our vernacular building stock
Understanding the character of our vernacular heritage
The importance of place, community and humanity

About the speaker:
With a career spanning 25 years, Feile Butler has worked with architectural firms in London, Australia, New Zealand, Dublin and Sligo. In 2009, she founded her own practice, Roots Architecture, in the north west of Ireland. An established expert in earthen construction, both new, in the form of cob building, and old, in the oversight of repairs to mudwall, earth-bonded stone, and sod construction, she has strong connections with heritage networks throughout Ireland and around the world.

Sustainability is at the core of her work, whether using natural materials for new-build projects or upgrading existing buildings to suit modern living. She has a particular soft spot for the humble cottage.

SPAB Ireland Lecture Series: More than Materials
Image: Féile Butler

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