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Talking Towns is a new seminar series organised by the UCD Centre for Irish Towns and UCD Earth Institute. The series aims to spark conversations about the challenges facing Irish towns, the opportunities they offer, and the role of research and policy in bringing about the revitalisation of towns in Ireland. This seminar will feature three speakers talking about the border and Irish towns:

Caroline Creamer (International Centre for Local and Regional Development, Maynooth University)

Killian Doherty (Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture)

Dr Paula McCloskey and Dr Sam Vardy (a place of their own)

Dr Karen Keaveney (Chair)

‘Talking Towns’ seminar: The border and Irish towns

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UCD Centre for Irish Towns

About The UCD Centre for Irish Towns (CfIT) brings together researchers and stakeholders from across the island of Ireland to support the revitalisation of Irish towns.
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