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Acts of repair are an essential part of our social world and built environment. They not only allow for the smooth functioning and enhancement of our cities, but also indicate what is valued and worthy of care and maintenance.

Hosted by UrbanLab Galway, this symposium explores how repair forms our relationship to the past, present and future. Taking place at the Mick Lally Theatre on Druid Lane, Julia Corwin, Tim Edensor and Andrew Karvonen discuss the importance of electronic repair work, the preservation of heritage sites and the improvement of cities through incremental actions. These different perspectives together combine scholarship and activism, provoking discussion on how acts of repair shape the world around us.

Moderator; Mark Justin Rainey

Location: Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane, Galway

The Temporality of Repair: (Past, Present and Future)
Image: Dr Julia Corwin - London School of Economics

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MIck Lally Theatre More Info

Address: MIck Lally Theatre
Druid Lane
H91 N5X9
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