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Trading Spaces: Resources and Dwellings is a new collaboration between the Irish Architecture Foundation and Färgfabriken in Stockholm, set up to support early career architects and practitioners in Ireland and Sweden to exchange knowledge and experience, discussing and confronting questions they face in their work and practices.

What design solutions are emerging in housing to address the question of natural resources and acknowledgement of a planetary boundary? How does an evolving energy imperative change how we think about building resilient housing and communities? How are questions of resource scarcity affecting architecture and landscape architecture practices? Conversely, how can the unique skills of an architect impact and direct our activities in these contexts?

Early career architects (in practice for 2-10 years) who are based in Ireland and Sweden and whose practices engage with the Trading Spaces themes in inventive ways are invited to apply.

Deadline: 21 July, 6pm Irish time

Through the Open Call, 2-3 applicants from Ireland and 2-3 applicants from Sweden will be selected to participate in the Dublin-Stockholm exchange this autumn with expenses paid.

Trading Spaces: Resources and Dwelling Open Call
Image: Past IAF workshop. Photo by Ste Murray.

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Admission / Cost FREE
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