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Event is part of Culture Night 2022.

We will occupy the TSB building in the Main Street of Bandon, displaying an exhibition of the research conducted to date by WeCan from the summer roadshow of pop-up community consultation events, while also hosting more walk-in conversations where we will ask the people of Bandon to discuss what they would like to see from the town.

Youth 5-6 pm. Collective drawing exercises, where the youth will be encouraged to identify what they want from the local area.

Adults 6- 8 pm. General pop-in workshop for the public to join and discuss around a table contributing through drawing or writing on a collective canvas what they like/dislike/areas that need to be improved within the local community of Bandon.

WeCan X Bandon Culture Night

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About WeCAN's purpose is dual fold; To ENCOURAGE engaged and energetic discourse involving the wider community, while CELEBRATING the discussion and engagement of rural architecture.
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