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You enter a private booth, alone. Someone else enters next door. Guided by light, sound, and a shared hymn sheet, you make a story together about change, loss, and redemption. A contemporary confessional for the modern sinner, this immersive one-to-one experience cultivates a space for intimate conversations among friends and strangers, rethreading the seams of a frayed social fabric one good yarn at a time. Created by an award-winning international team of designers and theatre makers, WITHOUT SIN is a space to listen and be heard, look and be seen, away from the digital divide.

WITHOUT SIN reclaims the rite of confession as a non-judgmental exercise in healing and reflection at a transitional moment in our society. The piece invites participants to speculate together on how our relationships with each other and with the spaces we occupy have evolved over the past two years - what's been lost, what we've found, and what it means to live together after being so torn apart. The performance brings two participants into a pair of bespoke-crafted timber booths, recalling the typology of the traditional confession box. Designed to be fully immersive, the booths use state-of-the-art technology to create an audio-visual feedback loop in which the interior lighting responds to participants' voices. Linked via headphones, participants are guided into conversation with each other, using a half-remembered script to create their story together. Before departing, each participant leaves a written message, adding to an archive of healing and hope.

Please note:
Contains references to mental health and religious themes.

Funded by the Arts Council/An Chomhaírle Ealaíon. Supported by The Digital Hub, Official Digital Partner of Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival's Make Space for Art fund and supported by the Office of Public Works (OPW) and Dublin Castle.

Unqualified Design Studio team: Shane Sugrue, Hugh Farrell, Barry Todd, Josh Wilkinson, Bláthnaid Conroy and Amy Learmonth.
Image: Amy Learmonth

10 & 11 September
12:45 - 20:15,
various times, €8

12-15 September
18:15 - 22:15,
various times, €8

Dublin Castle - Outside The Printworks

Without Sin
Image: https://www.fringefest.com/festival/whats-on/without-sin

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Tickets / Admission €8
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Organiser Unqualified Design Studio - Dublin Fringe Festival

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