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Old houses are perceived as presenting innumerable obstacles to being adapted for modern use, with the unfortunate result that they are often overlooked for redevelopment as homes, or demolished, in order to build a new house. While this is sometimes unavoidable, these buildings often hold the potential to provide comfortable, secure homes. In addition their re-use allows for the preservation of historic fabric, executed by skilled artisans, our ancestors.

As part of Heritage Week 2022, the theme of which is 'Preserving Our Past for Our Future', this webinar will present some of the benefits of re-use of an existing dwelling, for both practical and environmental purposes, as well as offering some suggestions as to how an older house can be made energy efficient.

The webinar will be introduced by Bláthmhac O'Muirí, Architectural Conservation Officer at Clare County Council, with a Q&A chaired by Congella McGuire, Heritage Officer.

Bláthmhac O'Muirí, Architectural Conservation Officer Clare County Council
Georgie Douglas, owner, occupant, and renovator of an old house
Dr Rosanne Walker, Civil and Structural Engineer
Colm Murray, Architecture Officer, The Heritage Council

Q&A facilitated by Congella McGuire, Heritage Officer Clare County Council.

This event is run with support from Clare County Council and the Heritage Council.

As part of National Heritage Week. For more information visit www.heritageweek.ie

Would You Not Just Knock it?! – The Possibilities For Re-using Old Houses
Image: https://www.heritageweek.ie/event-listings/would-you-not-just-knock-it-the-possibilities-for-re-using-old-houses

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Organiser Clare Community Archaeology

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