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Islander Architects

Laura Carroll & Ciarán Molumby established Islander Architects in 2020. The name Islander evokes the spirit of their work; of being resourceful & responding to the uniqueness of each project. They cover a wide range of typologies, from one-off houses to community-led spaces.

Instagram: @islanderarchitects

Twitter: @we_are_islander


As we settle into the colder month of November, a place to batten down the hatches and seek shelter is in the forefront of everyones mind. It is hard to avoid the presence of the housing emergency in our daily lives. For this reason the events we have chosen focus on the topics of housing and ideas of home.

On November 3rd in the RHA as part of This Must Be The Place series (which takes its name from the love song to place and home by Talking Heads) artist Michelle Malone will give a lecture discussing how a particular site became the framework for her research, installation and theme of her exhibit O’ To have a little house which is showing separately at the The LAB Gallery until November 5th. Michelle’s exhibition is based on her experience of growing up in social housing in Dublin. Her aim for this work is to give a voice to working class histories through 1:1 sculptures as a means of weaponising the shared meaning of materials and objects. O’ To have a little house explores the impact of the shift in housing policy in our recent history whereby people from the tenements were moved out to new suburbs provided by the local authority.

The Irish Architecture Foundation & The Housing Agency’s Housing Unlocked exhibition explores possible new future housing policies. Their exhibition displays eight new solutions to our current housing crisis. This body of work has been developed by eight separate architects and their collaborators who were selected as part of a national ideas competition. The exhibition will be on display until January 2023 at The Science Gallery TCD. Throughout the month of November, a series of talks titled House it all work? will demonstrate how each proposition aims to unlock the housing challenge, including Thirty Three Churches by Sophie Kelleher & David Lawless, Start Spreading the Mews by SFA42 Architects.

Both of these exhibitions are visible from the street, offering an invitation to the public to join the conversation. The work serves as a conversation starter to present imaginative interpretations of how we lived and how we will continue to live in the future. As the IAF writes “A simple idea can produce a powerful effect. We hope this will inspire action and produce a lasting legacy.”

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